luxuria is the VIP list to the ultimate parties in Atlanta. The cocktail of hand-selected beautiful women and gorgeous couples is intoxicating.


Exclusive events in posh clubs and ultra lounges set the mood. Women exploring their private desires defines it. The impeccable atmosphere opens the door. Where will it lead you?


Party at the opulent edge of temptation. Spread your wings and soar with seduction. Flirt with your fantasies. Perhaps ignite your reality.

About luxuria


In the summer of 1999, an intimate and inspired group of friends began monthly pool parties in the metro Atlanta. Typically consisting of twelve-fourteen regular couples, the parties grew to add one or two new couples each month. Quickly, we discovered chemistry was much more critical than the size of the crowd. However, as these parties rapidly expanded in popularity, we outgrew the original facilities and ventured to private event rooms.


By 2002 we noticed an influx of upscale couples' parties popping up in Miami, New York, LA, Dallas, San Francisco and other metropolitan cities (see links). After traveling to many of these parties (yes, research is grueling), we knew that Atlanta was full of equally beautiful, sexy people. Our clear choice was to unleash luxuria to Atlanta's maintream nightlife scene. We soon began averaging between 100 and 200 people per party.



"Sensuality and freedom have never frolicked in a more perfect arena."

Forget diamonds, luxuria is a girl's best friend. Women show off their most provocative self, indulging their curiosities with abandon. All sans the unwanted advances and hassles from the prowling of predatory single men. The men of luxuria are expected to be appreciative and polite, eternally observing that respect for female guests is the predominant rule.

Our private parties are hosted in Atlanta's most prestigious, trendiest nightclubs, restaurants and hotel ballrooms. Event details are available only to those requesting and being approved for a personal invitation and luxuria membership . Once selected, members will receive invitations to future private events and will earn priority status on guest lists at open-invitation events.


luxuria members are distinctively chosen. Couples and females are selected for their appearance and personality. Guests are attractive, respectful, discrete, confident, open-minded professionals ranging in age from mature 20s to startlingly well-preserved 40s. Rude, obnoxious or excessively inebriated guests will be asked to leave and face possible banning from future parties.


Blur the coy line between elegance, fetish and eroticism. Thigh high boots gathering dust? Micro-mini needs a night out? Get playful and freely wear what is so evilly shunned in the dreaded mainstream.

Of course, unless you have a burning desire to meet an Atlanta police officer, ladies, please wear a cover-up if necessary when entering and exiting events hosted at public venues. See clothing links for a wide variety of club wear.

Gentlemen think metro sexual - Armani, Versace, Prada, oh my. The mere absence of Herb from IT, should clue you in that this is not casual Friday. Leave the khakis for mixers at your Great Aunt's house.

luxuria does throw some lovely theme parties. Costumes are not mandatory, though they are highly encouraged and frankly, fun. luxuria proves one can be both profoundly metro and pithy.

Upcoming Events

Clermont Rooftop & Lounge ~ July 12

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Request An Invitation

You have read our copious and startlingly descriptive text. You are standing before your computer extolling, "this is me! This is me!" For some of you, that is simply your meds talking. But for some of you, you select, discerning few, Luxuria is precisely right.

More than a posh VIP room ostentatiously flaunting sexy people and seductive music, Luxuria is a coquettish state of mind. In selecting guests, the salient goal is to augment our alluring atmosphere. We definitively come from the "add fuel to the fire" school of thought. When reviewing invitation requests and photographs we make every attempt to look beyond skin deep. As the entire review board is currently composed of humans, physical attraction and fitness are important. Wait! Put down the Botox home kit, for we also seek out subtle hints of personality (style, location/background, creative and legal usage of props). This is why is it integral to submit your best photograph and also be very detailed in your Invitation Request Form responses. These two things are your ticket into the world of Luxuria.

Our adherence to a strict selection process is not because we think that we have exclusivity on the youngest, hippest, prettiest or sexiest group of people in Atlanta. Rather, we feel that it is imperative to attract a group of like-minded people so that everyone enjoys themselves at Luxuria. Previously we have had a few couples receive invitations who simply did not blend in. These couples spent the entire evening stagnantly alone in the corner not talking to anyone or each other. Clearly, they were out of their element and uncomfortable. To the group detriment, guests around them were adversely affected by their detachment. A sad, dark narrative, yes but true.

Therefore, please do not take it personally if we feel that you are not compatible with Luxuria. If that is the case, feel free to ask us to suggest somewhere that you would be more comfortable. There are many other organizations similar to Luxuria that cater to different demographics.

Invitation Requests are reviewed by a committee of Luxuria regulars. Logistically, please allow up to six days for evaluation of your Invitation Request. All photographs and personal information are confidential and are deleted immediately if Invitation Request is denied.

The Good News. If approved, within seven days of completing two-step Invitation Request (see below), you will receive a confirmation and an invitation to the next event. Simply logging in to the membership area from the Luxuria homepage will avail you to the very best in Atlanta's social scene. Learn specifics of and RSVP for upcoming Luxuria parties, view profiles and connect with other members, check out thousands of photos from previous parties or just stare at your own fabulous picture. All you have to do is maintain current information on your profile to insure that you receive your monthly invitations and newsletters. Isn't that fundamentally effortless?

The Not-So-Good News. Due to the large number of Invitation Requests received, Luxuria will not respond to applicants not fitting our profile. Have NOT heard back from us in seven to ten days after completing both steps of Invitation Request (see below)? You will most likely not be receiving an invitation. Again, feel free to contact us for information regarding other social groups. Please note that we will not discuss details or offer a personal review of your invitation request.

All of the semantics are over. Put your highlighter away and get creative.

To request an invitation and obtain membership status, a couple or single female must thoroughly complete the "Invitation Request" form via the link below. If this form is not completed thoroughly and the appropriate photograph uploaded, your request will be deleted and you will not get a response.

Sending an engaging photo of your devilishly hot neighbors is not such a brilliant idea. If your picture does not accurately represent you, you may be denied admission to the party.

And one more time for the cheap seats, unescorted men (SINGLE GUYS, that would be you) are never allowed at Luxuria events. All guests must be 21+.

Code word for membership request is: gorgeous

*** If you have questions, please use Comment Form on the Contact page before submitting Membership / Invitation Request. INCOMPLETE REQUEST FORMS OR FORMS WITHOUT PHOTOGRAPHS WILL BE DISCARDED.

Request Form

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Frequently Asked Questions


luxuria is an amalgam of sexy, smart outgoing people. Our guest list includes single females, married couples, dating couples and good friends, but never unescorted men.

Always. luxuria events are exclusively hosted at clubs offering private VIP rooms. Personal privacy and security are paramount, as luxuria is defined by discretion and respect. As an extension of this commitment, your name and identifying data will never be shared or sold. We will not even snicker at an amusing middle name.

luxuria does occasionally host open parties marketed to the general public. At these events, all potential guests will be screened at the point of admission to ensure adherence to our policies.

No outside cameras or recording devices will be permitted inside events. What? You look frankly too good for words and must rely on your feeble memory to preserve the night? Relax. luxuria does provide a professional photographer at select parties. The week following a party, VIP guests will receive an email containing a link to preveiw all photos before they are posted. Guests then have the option of luxuria not posting a specific photograph, or posting it only in the VIP (password-protected) gallery.

No. luxuria is a "quotations mark" free group. By charming nature of our guests, luxuria parties are at once sexually charged and flirtatious. One cannot put Atlanta's most engagingly erotic girls together and expect less. However, our guests do not engage in sexual activities while attending luxuria. And, certainly, we like to think we rule the world, but what guests do after the party with their friends is simply their design.

No. For some reason this is where reading comprehension becomes radically impaired. Single men, boys, guys, dudes (if you have cattle), luxuria is sure you are charming and manifestly different from the masses. However, YOU WILL NEVER BE EXTENDED AN INVITATION. Spare yourself the wasted time of applying and go meet a little vixen to bring to a party as, yes, you guessed it, a COUPLE. Because we like to labor a point, please reread this paragraph.

Not exactly the "early to bed, early to rise" crowd, luxuria guests frequently host late-night after-parties in their homes or hotel suites. If interested, get a good night's sleep the evening before, make friends at the party and ask around.

As venues vary, cover charges fluctuate from party-to-party. Costs are stated in each invitation. Average door fees are $25 - $50 per couple and $0 - $10 for single ladies.

We always offer out first-time guests a 100%, satisfaction party guarantee. If for any reason you want to leave we will refund your cover charge within the first 15 mintues of arriving at your first party.

Our party locations rotate through midtown, buckhead and downtown Atlanta. Email or call and we will happily assist you with suggestions. Want to meet for dinner before a party or stay with friends at the same hotel? We are currently working with several hotels and restaurants to promote this rampant luxuria socializing, offering our guests preferential treatment and discounts.

Yes and we applaud you for playing well with others. But remember, Mr. & Ms. Popular, you may invite others only if you are a registered VIP guest, and have previously attended other luxuria events. As prior guests you experienced that Luxuria is an exclusive party for select couples and single ladies. Preserve our spunky rare entity under the proviso, "quality, not quantity".

Your friends may simply accompany you to the party, but admission is then at the discretion of the door person on a space available basis. Seems a tad daunting and dangerously iffy? Take the guesswork out and have your friends complete the "Request an Invitation" form below. They will then be privy to continue enjoying luxuria. A true friend shares. Now pat yourself on the back.

The majority of luxuria events are invitation-only. They are indicated as such on this site.

luxuria's occasional public parties (open-events) do not require an invitation. Don't sulk away. You are still special. At such events, the eminent guest list takes priority. Remember, previous luxuria party patrons will be placed on the priority guest list. At these open-events, others are admitted at the discretion of the door person if space is available.

Unescorted men are never allowed at luxuria events. Do we need to review the integral skill of reading comprehension again?

See our Request an Invitation page for details regarding our selection process and to complete and submit Invitation Request Form.

Please contact us through the form below

if you have questions, or need additional information before requesting an invitation.

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